Monday, July 23, 2012

Hawaiian Gardens Sports Complex

The sports complex in city of Hawaiian Gardens is done and has opened up to resident of that city. As stated earlier, the foundation has contributed millions to its building the Hawaiian Gardens sports complex. Below are some images after it was built

Sports Complex entrance in city of Hawaiian Gardens

Football \ soccer field of Sports Complex in Hawaiian Gardens
Irving Moskowitz Stadium in city of Hawaiian Gardens

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Irving Moskowitz

Helping the Su Casa Organization

$1.5 million dollar contribution from the Irving I. Moskowitz Foundation to help fund state-of-the- art Sport Complex facility in Hawaiian Gardens.

New Foundation Website

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Monday, April 16, 2012

Irving Moskowitz

Who is Irving I. Moskowitz?

Irving is the ninth child of a family of thirteen children. He was born in 1928, raised in New York City, and his parents were both immigrants from Poland. One of his favorite sports is baseball, so much so that he was offered a contract by both the Chicago and Cleveland professional teams when he was a youth.

Instead of baseball, Irving decided that he wanted to help individuals for his career, so he pursued a career in Medicine. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin (Phi Beta Sigma) wich a Bachelor's Degree in Medical Science. This love for medicine eventually turned into an entrepreneurial effort when you began building and managing hospitals.

In 1968 he created the Moskowitz Foundation to help better the lives of those in and outside of the community. He later opened the Bingo Club, in 1988, in the city of Hawaiian Gardens. This is a non-profit organization to help fund his charitable efforts in the local community. In 1995, the Hawaiian Gardens Food Bank was opened to give even more back to the city of Hawaiian Gardens.

He has been married to his loving wife, Cherna, for over 60 years, and together they have 8 children, 42 grandchildren, and 4 great-grandchildren.